Chokhorling PHC

Chhoekhorling PHC

Located 15kms away from Dzongkhag headquarter, the PHC is in Chhoekhorling village under Dekidling Gewog. It has five beds and is headed by a Sr. HA supported by three staff. The PHC was established in 2012.

Gakidling PHC

Gakidling PHC, established in 2006, is located under Jigmechhoeling Gewog. Located 113 Kms away from the Dzongkhag Headquarter and 47kms away from the Gewog Center, it is the remotest. Headed by a Sr. HA supported by two staff, the PHC has three beds.

Jangchubling PHC

Established in 2005 within the close proximity of Chudzom Gewog Center, the PHC is located 63km away from Dzongkhag Headquarter. It has four beds and is headed by a Sr. HA who is supported by a female staff.

Lhayuel PHC

Lhayuel PHC is located at Lhayul village under Chhudzom Gewog. Offering basic health services to the public of Lhayul, it is 48kms away from Dzongkhag headquarter. It is staffed by a Sr. HA and a female staff.