ICT Cluster


1.  Ensure internet connectivity in all the gewogs, government office, schools and institutions within the dzongkhag;

2. Design, develop, review  and upload contents in Dzongkhag Website and Dzongkhag Facebook page;

3. Troubleshooting and rectifying the  issues of  ICT hardware and software;

4. Installation of OS to newly procured laptop;

5. Provide technical specification and verification of ICT equipment before procuring and surrendering;

6. Provide estimation for Local Area Network setup in government agencies within the Dzongkhag;

7. Setting up online conference and projectors during meetings;

8. Informing and raising online ticket to BPC fiber team during fiber breakage or fiber problem;

9. Informing and raising online ticket to Internet Service Provider (ISP) during network disruption;

10. Promote Digital literacy.


No. of staff              : 02

         Male                : 02

         Female            : 00


Offices/Institutions connected to Dzongkhag WAN



Offices/Institutions connected to Gewog WAN



Offices/Institutions connected to Druk Research and Education Network




Note: Information as of 18/10/2022