1. Carry out any electoral activities in an unbiased, professional and truthful manner;

  2. Well-trained, competent and confident team motivated to serve at any and all times;

  3. Taking full responsibility and standing answerable for its decisions and actions;

  4. Engaging with all stakeholders and carrying out the electoral process and operations in the most transparent manner;

  5. Deserving of the confidence and trust of all voters and others stakeholders for the consistent high standard of its services;

  6. Upholds the principles of Equality, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Rule of Law as enshrined in the Constitution and Electoral Laws;

  7. Operate freely in its own best judgment without any interference.

No. of staff                       : 03

              Male                    : 02

             Female                : 01


No. of constituencies     : 02

No. of eligible voters      : 33043

           Male                       : 16432

           Female                   : 16611


No. of eligible voters in Gelephu Demkhong:

        Male                       : 9455

        Female                   : 9638


No. of eligible voters in Shompangkha Demkhong:

        Male                       : 6977

       Female                    : 6973


No. of polling stations for NA & NC                   : 43

No. of polling stations for LG elections            : 61

No. of polling stations for Thromde elections : 06


Details of elected members under Sarpang Dzongkhag



Note: Information as of 18/10/2022