1. Administer the provisions of the Environmental Assessment Act, 2000 and its Regulations;

2. Screen, Review, Process and Issue Environmental Clearances (EC) as per the List of Activities that the Competent Authorities shall screen and Issue Environmental Clearances;

3. Monitoring of compliance with regulations established under this Act;

4. Providing guidance to other agencies and stakeholders concerning actions required to achieve environmental protection objectives, including specific measures for compliance with environmental clearances;

5. Monitoring of compliance with environmental clearances and other regulations established under National Environment Protection Act 2007, Environmental Assessment Act 2000 and its Regulation and other relevant laws;

6. Ensure implementation of planned activities/programs of the section.

No. of staff  :  01

           Male  :  01

        Female : 00


Note: Information as of 18/10/2022


No staff in this sector.


Initial Environment Examination forms for various projects

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Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Forestry-docx_1.docx 26.75 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Hydropower-projects-_1.docx 36.6 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Road (1)_1.docx 33.44 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Tourism-activities_1.docx 32.7 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-transmission-line (1)_1.docx 32.86 KB
IRevised-draft-EE-Form-for-General_1.docx 32.25 KB
IRevised-draft-EE-Form-for-Quarry_1.docx 33.6 KB