Sarpang Dzonkhag would like to inform all the 12 Gewogs under Sarpang Dzongkhag that the annual registration on census for both birth and death  will be done 14/11/2014 hence all the people are requested to come with relevant documents as follows.

1.Documents required for new birth registration

a.Copy of child’s health card with a legal stamp

b.Copy each of parents CID card.

c.Both the parents should sign of the form.

d.Copy o court marriage certificate.

2.Documents required for updation of the deceased

a.Copy of death certificate.

b. Copy of CID of the requester.

c. Should surrender the CID card.

For further details click HERE

Orange Auction

Annual auction of Orange for Sarpang Dzonkhag for the following Gewogs  Gakidling, Shompangkha, Dekiling, Samtenling, Singye, Jigmecholing and Gelephu will be done on 7/11/2014 at 2 pm in Sarpang Dzongkhag DT hall. Hence all are requested for the participation. Each bidders are requested to Deposit the cash amount of Nu.50000-/(Fifty Thousand only) at the time of registration, which is refundable, and Bidders has to be with CID Card.  For further details contact here 06-365454/17976282 and also it is available in BBS news And DOWNLOAD