1. Consolidate & finalize the item list for price schedules for Annual quotation.

2. Prepare & publish the tenders in e-GP under appropriate budget head.

3. Open & coordinate the tender evaluation, award and contract signing.

4. Coordinate and conduct  the Dzongkhag Tender Committee meeting.

5. Compile requisitions, place supply orders based on approved note sheet within quoted rate.

6. Ensuring timely & accurate receipt of materials.

7. Verify & process the Suppliers' bills upon the receipt of the goods and required documents from the suppliers.

8. Providing guidance and monitoring the implementation of PRR -2019 and procurement policies issued from MoF in Dzongkhag/ Gewog Administrations and other Agencies.

9. Monitoring the proper implementation and functioning of e-GP system in the Dzongkhag/Gewogs in consultation with PMDD, DNP,MOF for  uniform, sustainable and reliable e-procurement system


No. of staff    : 01 

          Male     : 01

      Female    : 00  


Note: Information as of 18/10/2022