1. Provide free access to basic public health as per the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan;

  2. Ensure provision of quality health services with accessibility and equitability;

  3. Execute sectorial policies, priorities and strategies in coordination with Ministry of Health;

  4. Draw up annual plans and budget for Dzongkhag Health Sector in line with the existing procedures of the Dzongkhag;

  5. Monitor and evaluate programs and projects;

  6. Provide supervision and guidance to health staff;

  7. Submit report to Ministry of Health and other sector;

  8. Coordinates and collaborates with other sector;

  9. Coordinate all health activities between Hospitals and PHCs within the Dzongkhag and co-relate with nearby Dzongkhag;

  10. Coordinate all programs and projects of health sector in the Dzongkhag;

  11. Propose projects and activities for Dzongkhag Health Services within the mandate of the sector;

  12. Monitor the performance of Dzongkhag health staff and take corrective actions or disciplinary actions;

  13. coordinate the implementation of centrally operated health activities within the Dzongkhag;

  14. Represent Health sector in meetings, conventions, DT and other local bodies.


No. of staff                          : 02

        Male                             : 01

        Female                         : 01


No. of hospital                    : 02

No. of PHC.                         : 10

Outreach Clinic                  : 10

Sub-Post                             : 01

Village health workers.     : 62

No. of functional RWSS    : 192


Health Facilities and Staff Details



Note: Information as of 18/10/2022