Chuddzom is the most remote and the least developed Gewog in the Dzongkhag. It is officially three days walk from the nearest road point ( Jigmeling ) & now connected to GC Road. The total area of the gewog is 251sq km with eight chiwogs and 21 villages. The total population of the gewog is 3894 with 424 households. The forest coverage of the Gewog is 80% of the total geographically area with rich vegetation and undisturbed eco system. Rice and Maize serves as the main crop for the farmers in the Gewog. The Current situation of agriculture development of the Gewog is 6 acres dry land per household (RNR Stats 2000), 51 % households own wetlands, 1% household with tseri/pangzhing, 10 % landless, 397 Kgs cereal crop production per households, 997 Kgs rice production and annual average crop production monetary value of Nu. 28,610 per households. Other crops grown include millet, mustard, cardamom and orange in agro-climatically suitable areas. Presently, cardamom is the main cash crop of the farmers. Being rich with the vegetation and vastly covered forests, the geog is ideal for rearing of cattle’s hence livestock is another lifeline of the gewog.