Shompangkha Gewog is located 5 kms away from dzongkhag administration towards Gelephu highway and shares the boundary of Indian states of Assam to the south, Gakiling Gewog to the west, Dekiling Gewog to the east and Dovan Gewog to the north. With the population of 2847 (1398 male and 1449 female) and 404 households. Gewog has 10 villages. The total area coverage is about 22 sq. Km and have 1215 acres arable land. The total forest coverage accounts to 38% of the total geographical area of the gewog. It has warm and humid climatic conditions in winter, hot and rainy climatic condition in summer.

The Gewog centre has one Hospital, one Higher Secondary School, one Lower Secondary School and one ECR, one CIC and 5 NFE centers. RNR Sector serviced through one AEC, FEC and one LEC. The five chiwogs, Shompangkha, Darjeythang, Kencholing, Gomchula and Rigsumgang are facilitated with electricity, mobile services and farm road connectivity.