Jigme Chhoeling


Jigmecholeing PHCjigjig


Note: Information as of 18/10/2022




Gakidling PHC

Gakidling PHC, established in 2006, is located under Jigmechhoeling Gewog. Located 113 Kms away from the Dzongkhag Headquarter and 47kms away from the Gewog Center, it is the remotest. Headed by a Sr. HA supported by two staff, the PHC has three beds.

Retey Primary School

Located 57kms away from Jigmechoeling Gewog Center, Retey Pry School was established in 2002. The Retey village where the school is located was under Nabji Korphu Gewog under Trongsa district until 2007. It is the remotest of all.