Samtenling Gewog is centrally located within Sarpang Dzongkhag, about 25 kms away from Shompangkha and 8 kms way from Gelephu Thromdhey. The Gewog Administration Office is located in Mongargaon village, Samtenling Chiwog which is about 2 kms from the highway and has a total area of 55.4 square km and houses almost 299 households.

The altitude varies from 190-380 m. Out of the total population of 2253, 1218 are male and 1035 are female. 1679 are eligible voters. Samtenling gewog has a total of 384.165 acres of wet land, 2349.939 acres of dry land and 58.330 acres of khimsa. There are two community schools (total number of students = 416 both boys and girls ranging from ages 6 to 17), 2 NFE centres and one Gewog RNR centre. Besides these, other infrastructures include Agriculture RNR Centre, National Seed Centre, AMC, Bhutan Centennial Distillery and other private institutions including the Domestic Airport.