Survey & Land Record


  1. Land conveyance (inheritance, gift, donation, registration of land for a minor, land ownership, exchange between two owners, land transfer)

  2. Correction of details in lagthram (owners name, CID, village name, Gung and HH number)

  3. Enforcement of court verdict

  4. Process land acquisition from private land and allottment of land substitution, cash compensation etc 

  5. Process private registered  land exchange with SRF land

  6. Process conversation from chuzhing to kamzhing, Chuzhing to Khimsa, Chuzhing to other

  7. Survey and Field verification-Realignment, excess carve, boundary demarcation and finding location.

  8. Processing of Land Lease and LUC

  9. Convene Land related committee meetings and submit reports to NLCS.


No. of staff.                                  :  11

                  Male                            : 09

                  Female                        : 02