Sarpang Central School

Sarpang CS

The school is said to have privately opened in 1950s on the bank of Sarpangchu with Nepali as a medium of instruction. It was later shifted to the present location due to the risks of flood. The Dzongkha and English became medium of instruction only after the take over of the school in 1962. Unfortunately, the school had to remain closed from 1990 due to security reasons and Royal Bhutan Army had occupied the school infrastructures until the students from Nganglam School was shifted to Sarpang in 2001. It was only in 2008 that the school was upgraded to MSS and then to HSS in 2016. Today, the school offers secondary education services - from class IX to XII. 


Year of establishment                :  1962

Area as per thram (in acres)     :  18.89


        Gewog                                :   Shompangkha

        Chiwog                               :   Shompangkha

No. of Student/Trainees           :  442

       Male                                     :  208

      Female                                  :  234

No. of teaching staff                  :  41

      Male                                       :  30

      Female                                   :  11

No. of non- teaching staff          :  19

       Male                                      :  12

       Female                                  :  7

Contact Details 

     Vice Principal 

        Name                                  : Karma Jigme

        Email ID                              :



Note: Information as of 18/10/2022