Zero Waste Month

Notification Period:
01 December 2022
31 December 2022

Training on Zero Waste Bhutan app, a digitalized enforcement system was conducted to all the Gewogs, agencies, institutions and offices in October month 2022.

As you are well aware, the participants in the meeting were oriented on the features and usage of the app and most importantly the fine schedule. The participants were informed and made it mandatory to train every single employee/subordinate in respective offices by the first week of November, 2022. Similarly, we are confident that, public within the respective Gewog Administrations are also advocated, facilitated and informed. The Dzongkhag Administration is hopeful that by now, advocacy and awareness on the app and the fine schedules are completed and our general publics are well informed.

Therefore as a part of the next phase of the program, the Sarpang Dzongkhag Administration hereby declares the last month of the year 2022, December month as ZERO WASTE MONTH. The agencies, offices, institutions, business establishments and every household within the Dzongkhag Administration shall clean their surroundings within the first two weeks of the Zero Waste Month. Within the next two weeks of the December month, a team of officials from Dzongkhag Administration, RBP, DoFPS, DeSuung office and other relevant officials shall monitor and accordingly enforce Waste Prevention and Management Act and its Regulations without any compromise wherever applicable.

Therefore, all the offices, institutions, business establishments and general public at large to abide by the existing waste related legal obligations without fail.

“Our Waste, Our Responsibility”