Sarpan Tar, Sarpang, Bhutan.

Collection of CID cards

The provision of service related to processing the CID cards from the place of residence irrespective of census registration has help the general citizens immensely. However, information dissemination for collection of cards has become increasingly challenging to sector as the number of applications run into hundreds and also contacting through landlines to each individual applicant became very expensive.


For applicants from 12 gewogs under this Dzongkhag, the cards shall be disbursed to respective gewog administration for further distribution to the public immediately upon receipt of cards from the Department.


Therefore, the Dzongkhag Civil Registration and Census Sector shall hereafter  provide information in the interest of both the parties on collection of CID cards with latest updated list as and when we receive the cards from the Department of Civil Registration and Census, MoHCA after printing.

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