Checkpost Management System(CPMS)

Notification Period:
09 September 2020
09 September 2020

Starting from 11/09/2020, People moving out of Dzongkhag must register for Check Post Management System(CPMS) mandatorily.
In order to register follow the following steps:
1. visit url:  http//
2. Click on Register button.
3. Enter vehicle number & vehicle type. The others details of vehicle will automatically pop up.
4. You must enter, date of journey, 
5.  Choose origin Dzongkhag
6. Choose destination Dzongkha

7. Press continue.

8. Click on add driver/passenger button
9. Enter license number of driver and other details will pop up.
10. Enter mobile number and  purpose of visit and click on save button.
11. Click on Add passenger, Enter CID no., Mobile no., And Purpose of visit.
12. Click on save Button.

For further details  please visit Sarpang Dzongkhag Facebook page through undermentioned link.

Facebook link