Initial Environment Examination forms for various projects

As any new plans, Projects and programs will have some environment impact, IEE form will help reviewer to make proper judgement and analysis about your proposed activity towards environment. Therefore, valued individuals are requested to fill the form.
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Reivised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Industry_1.docx 32.64 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Forestry-docx_1.docx 26.75 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Hydropower-projects-_1.docx 36.6 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Road (1)_1.docx 33.44 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-Tourism-activities_1.docx 32.7 KB
Revised-draft-IEE-Form-for-transmission-line (1)_1.docx 32.86 KB
IRevised-draft-EE-Form-for-General_1.docx 32.25 KB
IRevised-draft-EE-Form-for-Quarry_1.docx 33.6 KB