Notification Period:
16 December 2022
31 December 2022

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a highly contagious viral disease of domestic and wild pigs with a mortality rate of up to 100%. The disease is spread through contact between pigs (domestic & wild), contaminated pig products, feeding pigs with kitchen wastes contaminated with pork products, and movement of contaminated personnel and farm equipment. The ongoing outbreak of ASF in Gelephu Throm, Gelephu, Samtenling, and Dekiling Gewogs is confirmed to have been caused by the illegal import of contaminated pork and spread through kitchen wastes supplied by the hoteliers/restaurants to pig farms. There are incidences of non-adherence to the notifications despite repeated awareness programs and notifications issued by the concerned authority advising the public to refrain from importing pork and pork products into the Dzongkhag.

Therefore, Sarpang Dzongkhag Administration would like to remind all hoteliers/restaurants under Sarpang Dzongkhag to stop buying illegal pork and strictly stop the access of hotel/restaurant kitchen wastes to pig farms. In the event of any violation of the prohibitions mentioned above by the business entities, the offenders shall be subjected to a fine as per the existing laws and mandatory temporary closing of hotel/restaurant until further notice.